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Recover Abandoned Checkouts

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Get FREE FULL ACCESS to Fully automated Facebook Messenger Bot.

We offer the largest range of Facebook messenger and SMS notifications on Shopify marketplace and therefore the most powerful Facebook messenger and SMS App.

Thousands of our customers worldwide increased their sales by recovering abandoned carts, sending promotions or cross selling their products.

We accurately track your customer’s behaviour. This means that whenever your customer abandons a cart, makes a purchase they will immediately receive a message with a reminder or special offer, helping you guarantee a sale every time.

Marketing Automation - Add up extra sales with:
  • Promotional Facebook or SMS messages
  • Abandoned cart messages
  • Win Back customer messages and SMS
  • Order delivery updates
  • Cross Sell messages
  • Discount code messages
  • Countdown bar
  • Order recipe
  • Custom Facebook Messenger menu
  • Many others

Send promotions, recommend products, and make money while you sleep.

Tobi app makes it easy to set up and send promotions whenever you like, keep your customers informed about your latest cool arrivals, and push sales even when you are not on your site.

SMS promotional messages and SMS abandoned cart messages.

We’re are also very happy to introduce our new service to improve your sales - SMS promotional messages and SMS abandoned cart messages.

You can use our pre-written templates, and filter your SMS subscribers by tag, number of orders, money spent, orders placed, location, and more.

This will enable you to win back customers, recover abandoned carts, upsell your loyal customers… basically grow your business and increase your sales!

Give it a try and let us know what you think - all feedback helps us to improve Tobi and make it even more powerful.

As long as they have signed up for your pushes, you can connect with your customers instantly at any time of the day to:

  • Send specially timed abandoned cart reminders to minimise lost sales
  • Offer special discounts or promotions
  • Keep your customers updated on what’s new in your store
  • Send delivery updates and tracking information

Why choose Facebook Messenger Bot by Tobi?

  • FREE Full Access to ALL Facebook messenger features
  • The most powerful Facebook messenger & SMS app on Shopify marketplace. 
  • Recover abandoned carts.
  • Send delivery updates
  • Ready to install, one-stop solution for all your notification needs;
  • No mobile app or any developer support needed;
  • 24/7 support. Always ready to help.